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Selling Your Business

Every sale at SCA is approached with the end in mind. Understanding your long-term goals for the sale and beyond is crucial to creating a deal that meets them. Consider the following questions when looking for the ideal M&A Advisor: Will this broker work for my or their objectives? Does this broker have a multi-disciplined, experienced team? Is my transaction the right size and type for this broker's idea of a great "deal," or am I considerably smaller or larger than their ideal client? 


All of these factors are crucial to understand because they will effect your results, and you deserve counsel whose talent and compensation are well-aligned with accomplishing your objectives.

In a Meeting
A business meeting


Nothing beats firsthand experience, and in this situation, it's the experience our founders have as self-employed entrepreneurs that matter. We know how to have a productive conversation with the owners of the businesses you want to buy because we've been in their shoes. Because they've never walked in those shoes, corporate M&A teams and investment bankers generally fail to produce outcomes in the lower middle market. If you're running an acquisition effort, you owe it to yourself to talk to SCA about how we're different.



Achieving excellence in the core accounting and financial management functions of your business is imperative if you are to reach or exceed your financial goals. While every firm requires a skilled and experienced CFO, most medium-sized enterprises cannot afford one. Our Fractional CFO service satisfies this need. Our "part-time" CFOs are cost-effective, highly experienced, and certified, and they are equipped with the tools and processes needed to manage the range of financial and accounting issues you confront.

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At some point, you will exit your business. Will your firm attract a sale price that allows you to live a similar or better lifestyle throughout your retirement years than you do now? We've found that the majority of the time, the answer to that question is "no." A lot of circumstances might lower a company's worth. Insufficient current profitability; lack of sustainable top-and bottom-line growth; overreliance on one customer, one employee (often you), or one vendor; lack of recurring revenues; lack of a proven successful management team; and lack of performance measurement tools are the most common.

SCA addresses these and other “value challenges”. Our team of experienced executives have successfully exited businesses and have been “in your shoes.” We know where to look for unrealized or untapped value and how to unlock that value potential in a manner that allows you to realize substantially-increased earnings and/or increased equity at sale.

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